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April 2021

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Toward a reliable oral treatment for sickle cell disease

For those who have sickle cell disease, there are only a few treatment options, which ...

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December 2020

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Transfusions with higher red blood cell levels do not improve preterm baby outcomes

A randomized clinical trial is the largest study to-date to compare thresholds for blood transfusions ...

November 2020

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'Goldilocks' neonatal immune response may protect against autism

New research shows that the lowest risk for autism spectrum disorder is associated with mid-levels ...

September 2020

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Autoimmune disease: UM171 saves another life

A recently developed UM171 molecule was used in a blood transplant by a medical team ...

August 2020

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Study explores the association of malaria, HIV with anemia during pregnancy

Pregnant women from sub-Saharan Africa with malaria and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) have a higher ...

May 2020

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Epigenetic mechanisms of blood cell differentiation

In the bone marrow, blood stem cells via precursor cells give rise to a variety ...

April 2020

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High-altitude adaptations connected with lower risk for chronic diseases

High-altitude adaptations in the Himalayas may lower risk for some chronic diseases, according to researchers. ...

November 2019

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Scientists identify immune cells linked to malaria-induced anemia through autoantibody production

An autoimmune attack on uninfected red blood cells likely contributes to anemia -- a shortage ...

October 2019

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Protein in blood protects against neuronal damage after brain hemorrhage

Patients who survive a cerebral hemorrhage may suffer delayed severe brain damage caused by free ...