Strategic Anemia Advisor

For years, we relied on paper protocols. Now, we're able to leverage artificial intelligence to make a generational leap in personalizing anemia management. Used in over 30 million treatments, SAA personalizes drug dosing for erythropoiesis-stimulating agents, a class of drugs used to treat dialysis patients with chronic anemia.

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Our Clinics Realize Increased Dose Efficiency

Clinics that use SAA achieve equivalent or improved hemoglobin outcomes, while using dramatically less drug, resulting in reduced patient drug exposure and reduced drug cost.

Our Clinics Realize Increased Dose Efficiency Chart


We earn when you save. Our pricing model is built on aligned incentives, and we only charge a portion of the savings you realize.

No cost upfront
No cost upfront
Pay a percentage of your savings
Pay a percentage of your savings
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Future Modules

Mineral and Bone Disorder Module

Mineral and Bone Disorder (MBD) is a common comorbidity associated with Chronic Kidney Disease, and effective management requires the dosing of three types of drugs in tandem--phosphate binders, vitamin D, and calcimimetics. Dosis’s tool leverages a patent-pending deep learning approach to optimize MBD management.

Iron Submodule to Strategic Anemia Advisor

Most patients with chronic anemia require iron to help maintain hemoglobin levels. Dosis is working on an iron submodule to improve its anemia management tool by personalizing IV Iron dosing, along with ESA dosing.